Welcome to Quirkative. We Used to Make Board Games.

Welcome to Quirkative and the amazing things we used to be up to in our board game world.

Quirkative was a board game business producing products that people are proud to own and pleased to play. The company has now been closed but it was an interesting adventure in the making something happen...Orctions and the subsequent selling of hundreds of games at events was a good laugh, while it lasted.

While the website is black, colour plays an important role in our values.





We live by our values to achieve one single vision.


A Game in Every Home.


Elliot Symonds, Founder, Managing Director and Chief Decision Maker.


07514 969525



Quirkative Limited, 300 Bankside, Peachman Way, Broadland Business Park, NORWICH NR7 0LB

Company Number 8314216