Hire Elliot for a Charity Auction in Norwich, Norfolk.

Hello. I'm not really doing this any more but enjoy the fact that it appears highly on Google for the search term 'Charity Auction Norwich'. Once upon a time you could hire Elliot and his immense knowledge of auction styles combined with his experience, wit and charm for your own charity auction in Norwich or Norfolk. Rates are at the foot of the page.

Elliot has a known reputation for such events in the fine county of Norfolk. Why not tweet him @Quirkative or ring him on 07514 969525 about different auction techniques that you could use for your event? He could still be talked into doing certain things. Especially if you know him already.

Elliot has conducted a range of Charity Auctions and can bring a variety of different techniques to any event to make it truly quirkative, or you can opt for a traditional forward auction in the English style. Elliot Symonds is the creative master behind the Quirkative Reverse Auction which is bound to entertain and raise money in a more effective way than a traditional forward style.

Please see below some of the Charity Auctions that Elliot has completed. By the way...it's not ALL about Duck auctions.

On 8th September 2016, Elliot Symonds auctioned 98 Ducks for charity in Norwich at the Maids Head Hotel, for Break. He helped raise 8300 this year in the biggest duck auction the Grand Norwich Duck race has ever seen.

On 13th August 2015, Elliot Symonds auctioned more Ducks for charity at the Maids Head Hotel in Norwich raising 5500 for Break.

On 14th August 2014, Elliot Symonds auctioned Ducks for charity again in Norwich at the Maids Head Hotel, for Break. This truly was one of the finest charity events he has had the pleasure to work with. The ducks raised over 7500 for Break who support young people in Norfolk.

Elliot was described as 'amazing' 'a force of nature' but what was truly amazing was the support of local businesses and the people behind them that made an evening, raising money for charity, a truly inspiring event.

On 11th September 2014 Elliot conducted his first ever Storage Wars style auction helping to clear 13 pallets of mixed reclaimed electrical goods. Auctioning from the side of a lorry, being part of an event raising money for The Benjamin Foundation Charity, it was an absolute pleasure to auction to real hard nosed electrical contractors from the Norwich and Norfolk area.

On July 25th 2014 Elliot auctioned several items for charity at the Namco Funscape in Norwich. This was a 25:am event which raised 1000 for the NNAB, About With Friends, B-Eat and NWF.

Ellen Webster CMgr MCMI,Chair of 25:am said,

"With great charisma, persuasion and fun Elliot kept the whole audience engaged through-out, ensuring the bids came rolling in. All thanks to his great skill we managed to raise 1000 for local charities."

Below we see some of the charities from Norwich, Norfolk who benefited from Elliot Symonds' auctioneering expertise.

On 12th December 2013 Elliot auctioned off a range of board games, by a variety of auction techniques, raising 2200 for The NNAB. Below you can see five gentlemen competing on stage via an Audible Bid Rotation auction at this event.

On 18th October 2013 Elliot helped the RSPCA to raise 700 by auctioning items during their Crime and Dine event. This is what Tammy Clarke, Fundraising and Marketing Manager had to say about Elliot.

"It is the first time our local RSPCA branch have attempted a themed evening and auction and you made our event such fun with a great Auction which raised over 700! Your wit, arm twisting skills and general charismatic persona really encouraged people to spend their money for our cause."

Here we see Elliot at the Norfolk and Norwich Association for the Blind at their Gala Ball back in 2012.

Elliot also helped The Base raise 15,200 at a Charity Auction which was held at Norwich City Football Club, in June 2013.

Elliot can also help support smaller events as he did with The Friends of St. Faiths in July 2013, helping to raise 300 by selling cakes.

On 5th September 2013, Elliot was asked by Break to auction off a range of painted and sculptured ducks which had taken part in their annual duck race from the Ribs of Beef pub, in Norwich. Elliot helped raise 1700 on the night. He did buy a Darth Vader duck himself for 140 and cherishes it.

On the 7th September 2013, Elliot conducted a Silent Auction for the 25:am Campfire Party. This auction supported The Benjamin Foundation and CLICSargent and raised 628, taking place just outside Norwich at Whitlingham.

Elliot Symonds was asked to be the Charity Auctioneer for CLICSargent and Credo on the evening of the 15th November 2013 at The Space in Norwich. It was a real shame that the event was cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances as a great charity could have benefited and the auditorium at The Space in Norwich is brilliant.

Payment is negotiable by event but is basically limited to building his legend and telling him he is brilliant.