Orc Generals, buying Orc Slaves, at Orction to fight to the death.

Orctions was produced in Poland by Trefl for our launch at the UK Games Expo 2015.

We were delighted to be nominated for UK Games Expo Strategic Card or Dice Game of the Year.

Please do visit the main Orctions website www.orctions.co.uk for more information about the game and how to order your own copy.

We were lucky and very proud to secure the services of Jon Haward (artist) and Nigel Dobbyn (colour) to create the cover of the box. We highly recommend their professionalism and responsiveness.

Our other talented partner, Trystan Mitchell of the Bigfoot Studio, was commissioned to work up a range of Orcs for the game. Trystan's vision from Elliot Symonds' words, created this range of Orcs.

The concept came out of years of work on Vickrey and then presenting it at the UK Board Games Expo where our glorious leader, Elliot Symonds, pitched the game at a Dragons Den event. His professional and powerful presentation went down particularly well and it absolutely helped him form the concept of Orctions.

We have been fortunate to secure the rights to use the mythology of the world of 'Umiat & Kenai' as a backdrop from the wondrous author Elliot Symonds. Elliot's work has been described as 'Literary Manga' and 'Gory fantasy that will gnaw your soul'. He is a legend and has an ego bigger than his talent.

We very much looking forward to making this game and bringing the excitement of bidding on Orc fighters by various orction techniques to enable a bloodfest of battle on the board.

Orctions is based on Vickrey! but will be simpler and woven into a wondrous fantasy world. A worker placement mechanic is used to enhance the strategy of the first stage of the game but then adds gladiatorial combat through a unique mix of dice akin to Risk on steroids.

The Orc Shaman above just amazes us. How does an artist like Trystan Mitchell get that glowing effect to work so well?

The Orc Shock Trooper may well be renamed to some form of Elite Strike force Orc as the fact that they are slave gladiators means that very little money will be spent on their armour by the Orc Generals.

The basic Orc Warrior is at least given a shield.

The Orc Wolf Rider will add some element of bestial fun to the gladiatorial orc on orc action.

Below you can now see some of the gladiator gear that the combatants might be able to acquire to boost their ability. Also created by Trystan under the strict supervision of our leader Elliot Symonds.

Trystan Mitchell of the Bigfoot Studio has also developed the currency which will be used in the game.

We are loving the journey of Orctions. From designing to the fact we now have a product that you can purchase and play. The journey has been long. From 2003 and a dissertation on auction techniques at Ashridge Business School to an imagined box full of Orc Slaves. We hope that one day you will be able to buy additional decks of mythological fighters to build your own decks of potential gladiators.