The Auction Game to End All Auction Games.

'Vickrey!' is a board game, based on auctions techniques.

Most auction based games utilise one technique.

Some are great, such as the classic 'Modigliani', but they tend to be limited.

'Vickrey!' is a gaming system that combines vast levels of fun and tension with more than one auction style and a range of collectibles to play with.


While the base game comes with an engaging set of items for the players to collect, there will be the opportunity to purchase additional sets. Sets that inspire and engage with players interest.

PLUS players will, in time, be able to generate their own 'print on demand' packs to offer longevity and enhanced personalised interaction. 


Major thanks to Mr Trystan Mitchell who did the artwork for Vickrey. Find out more about Trystan and his work at or follow him on Twitter @inkfunnel