A new Board Game by Quirkative. Perfect for all ages and gaming ability. The fun and thrills of Poker without the need to gamble!

Quirkative Joker Poker, QJP, is a new board game from Quirkative that is based on Poker.

It brings you Laughter, Excitement, Joy and Misery.

The Joker looms large in a quick to learn game that you will enjoy playing for a lifetime.

QJP does have a board on which the cards and chips are played.

It has a range of high quality 4mm board tokens.

Mostly though it has a VAST amount of laughs.

It will also educate you about the wonders of Poker as you play.

Do you have what it takes to become the QJP Poker Legend?

You can support this game by visiting Kickstarter.com and backing the project from November 1st 2014.

Major thanks to Mr Trystan Mitchell who did the artwork for Quirkative Joker Poker. Find out more about Trystan and his work at www.thebigfootstudio.com or follow him on Twitter @inkfunnel